Please donate to ERADA generously.

  • You can send your Zakat, Sadqa, or donation to ERADA in the following ways:
    • Deposit your donations at ERADA office and get a receipt.
    • Deposit your donations in ERADA Account.
    • Make a Crossed Cheque in the name of “ERADA” and send it to our office.
    • Deposit your donation in ERADA Account through online transfer

ERADA Account: 

Account Title ERADA
Account Number 0583811541002510 saving
Bank MCB Bank Limited
Branch CMC Branch
Branch Code 1580
Swift Code


House # 196, Near Govt. Boys High School, Sachal Colony Larkana.
Contact: 074-4752271
Fax:    074-4752271
Mobile: 0333-2792579